Saturday, July 13, 2013

k for fundraiser

Painted this K for a fundraiser last weekend to help spell out "Rock Central" on the Broken City patio. All the letters that sold raised about $1200 for a music program for special needs kids!
Big thanks to Danny Vacon of the Dudes and High kicks for organizing the event, and asking me to be a part of it!

Listen to a High Kicks song below:

elder abuse gig poster

Gig poster for upcoming show from Winnipeg's Elder Abuse, who will be playing an all ages show at Broken City on the 20th. Listen to Elder Abuse below:

what can i do vinyl

Last year I directed/animated a music video for Swedish Paper Bag Records' artist @SallyShapiro . Now the vinyl is out for single What Can I Do, and the cover is a still from the video which is pretty cool. The clear vinyl looks dope!

Watch the video below: