Monday, June 20, 2011

post expo post 2011

This is the illustration of mine that was chosen to be printed in the expo "Dreams and Wishes" artbook this year.

Had a full weekend at the Calgary Entertainment Expo booth with Sam this past weekend! We both had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people, and were each exhausted by the end.

This was each of our first year with a booth at the expo as well as the first time offering up a large body of our personal artwork up for sale. I had set the personal goal of selling 10 prints a day, and without getting into exact numbers I was able to sell more than 30 prints on just Saturday alone. It felt tremendous to see how much expo goers were feeling my art, the artists that go to these events are tremendously talented, and for someone to choose a piece of mine to hang on their wall is the ultimate compliment. It's a great feeling when someone is standing at your booth for ten minutes struggling to decide which print to get and ends up walking away with multiple, or when a dad who bought a print rushes back for another because his family couldn't stop talking about it. One girl said she saw a print of mine on Saturday, and spent most of Sunday trying to find me again so that she could buy it.

I was able to learn a lot this year, and can't wait to be involved with the expo again in the future. Big, big thanks to everyone who came out and supported me at the expo or just had kind words to say, you help finance this art habit of mine. Also huge thanks to all the other artists who took the time out of incredibly busy days to say "What's up?" and look at my art. I wish I had had more time to talk to more artists for sure.

Below is a pic of me at the booth, with my sisters visiting their big brother. More pics to come! Your song of Day is at the bottom with the great summer tune "Heaven's on Fire" by The Radio Dept.

Friday, June 17, 2011

andy narwhal and clockhead and more!

Andy Narwhal and Clockhead; The Great Pirate Escape ink and digital

Well the day of the Calgary Expo has finally arrived, I'm looking forward to meeting some cool people, and seeing some terrific artwork. I will also have my eyes peeled for a Dr. Zoidberg figurine. Make sure you come to the expo this weekend and if you want to find me and Sam come to charming booth number 708. Likewise if you want to avoid seeing me and Sam avoid booth number 708 or look out for this massive sign....

...and then pan your eye downwards as I will be directly under it.
I will try to tweet a bit during the expo so follow me @JarettSitter.

Two more prints that will be for sale are below, both have appeared on this blog before but have been each slightly touched up for print.

And your song of the day is "Dreams", wish Sam and I luck!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

the paper crane coop

The Paper Crane Coop, ink and digital

Just put the finishing touches on this piece Tuesday, and sent it off to the printers yesterday! This piece rounds my print total to a healthy number 10.

In other Calgary Expo news, one of my prints was selected to be published in this years Calgary Expo Artbook which I am really excited about! Part of me still thinks they may have made a mistake and I won't appear in it, but at any rate I will not be posting the final image that was reportedly selected until after the book has been released on the weekend. This year's artbook theme was "Dreams and Wishes" and fittingly supports the charity "Make a Wish Foundation". The artbook is a hard cover and is limited to 1000 numbered copies which will be $25 to pre-purchase and $30 at the show (The Expo Store is located at booth 815). There will also be an auction that some of the artists will be participating in. For more details and to check out the cover art, go here. Also check out Bri Raymond's blog here, an illustration of hers will also be featured in the artbook, and she will have a booth at the expo as well.

Make sure to check back to the blog tomorrow morning for the last pre-expo post!

I had a hard time finding a fitting paper crane song this morning but take a listen to TV on the Radio's "Killer Crane" song off their new album below:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

trunk music

Trunk Music, ink and digital

This is one of my personal favorites among the pieces I will have for sale at this weekend's comic expo.

A list of where to purchase tickets to the expo can be found here on the expo site. Get them now to avoid the ticket line, and just stand in the ticket holder line (which could also be really long, but it's better than two lines).

"Books Written for Girls" by Camera Obscura is your song of the day, and your bonus song after the jump is recent Shady records signee, Yelawolf, with the title track off the "Trunk Muzik" mixtape.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

queen of spoils

Queen of Spoils mixed media

This print was based on a drawing I made a few years ago, I liked the idea of the girl accompanied by a gator with a diamond in it's mouth but wasn't 100% with the composition and execution. With that said I'm never 100% with anything I create, but this comes much closer. Available at this weekends comic expo! Act like you need to know!

Your song of the day is brought to you by Phantogram, which I was fortunate enough to see once again last month. They put on a great show, and what made it even better is that my good friend Bonnaventure James opened for them. "Mouthful of Diamonds" below:

Monday, June 13, 2011

orders from unicorp

Orders From UniCorp, col-erase pencil, graphite, digital

This was a piece I made way back in August of last year, but somehow had forgotten about it for a while. At any rate I'm posting it now and it will also be available at the comic expo, which is happening this weekend! I have lots to get done before that!

Your song of the day below is "I Was Born (A Unicorn)" by The Unicorns, because "unicorns are people too!"

Friday, June 10, 2011

killer bee tiger style

The countdown to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo continues.
Here is another print that will be available next week (sans the tag of course).

Your song of the day below. "Mommy, daddy, it's the killa beez!"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

legend of zelda: link to 1984?

ink, acrylic, digital 2011

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Zelda games, as a fan I decided to do my own twist on the classic character Link.

Set in a dystopian future where Ganon propaganda litters the streets. Only a graf artist with the heart of a revolutionary, Link, has the courage to rebel.

You will be able to see this print at next weeks comic expo at the booth Sam and I will have set up. More details to come. Listen to The RAC remix A Link To The Past below.
Stay Up!