Monday, October 31, 2011

still here 03

I have been really hard at work all week on an animation project, leaving me very little time to make a new comic. Yesterday afternoon I completed all the animation that was needed of me, and I was able to quickly put together a new "Still Here" for today (as I have been posting them every Tuesday). Then yesterday the tragic news came that Kim Kardashian was getting a divorce (I had only recently discovered she was married through a recent WTF podcast).

I found all the news around it very bizarre and sort of funny, so after a day filled with Kim Kardashian themed tweets, I decided I was going to make a Kardashian themed comic. I put my completed comic to the side, and spent last night making a new one. It can be awful when any relationship ends, especially a marriage, even when the wedding costs 10 million dollars, generated you 18 million dollars, and was very possibly just orchestrated for publicity. After all, even sham marriages have people that depend on them, publicists, tabloids, the people that read tabloids, etc. So I thought I would look at Ms. Kardashian's latest tweet on her twitter feed, fearful that it may humanize her and I would scrap the whole thing completely. Luckily it was a comment celebrating the opening of her new store: "Kardashian Khaos has arrived!". Indeed.

Monday, October 24, 2011

still here 02

This is the second installment of "Still Here". Once again you can also view and follow the Still here tumblr page. This was actually the first one I drew, based on a conversation I had had that week, but due to the topical nature of the last one I decided to post it first.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

diggin' the crate

This is the banner I designed for the "Diggin' The Crate" section of Freq.

My good friend Jaron "Bonnaventure James" has been writing the column, and it's definitely one to check out.

Also the accompanying article to my electronic music illustration can be read here.

Your electronic song of the day below:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

still here

Last week I started working on a comic, this is the first in what I hope to be an ongoing series. I have set up a site for "Still Here" at the tumblr address so if you have a tumblr follow and reblog!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

october freq

In this months issue of FREQ I contributed the above illustration for an article on electronic music on CJSW. I also did a record review for the self titled debut of rap super group Random Axe.

I picked up my (free) copy of FREQ from Daily Globe News Shop and saw them at nearby clothing store The Gallery on 17th as well, but FREQ magazines are all over town, so go out and cop your issue with Skream and Benga on the cover.

Listen to a Random Axe cut below:

& ampersand 3 exhibit

Here is the collaboration diptych Sam and I exhibited in the September show "&Ampersand 3" at the Untitled Art Society Satellite Gallery. The illustration on the left is Sam's work while the right half is my own, they were flush with each other on the wall and mounted on foam core.

&Ampersand 3 was a great success, huge turn out! Big thanks to curator Vicky Chau for all of her hard work setting up the show, and everyone who came out and supported it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

halloween costumes

Here's the illustration for this months "Keepin' It Sleazy" with your favorite Calgary sexpert, E-Z Breezy for BeatRoute. The October sex article is about Halloween hook-ups and what costumes should serve as red flags when hook-ups are concerned. The October issue is in full effect around town right now, so pick up a copy. You can also read the article online here.

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