Thursday, July 29, 2010

another sketchbook filled

I have been drawing a ton this year, and this week I close the big yellow cover on my most recent sketchbook. It's a wrap! I started it on March 7th and this week the last page got filled up. Time to start a new one (although I still have my mini sketchpad and brown sketchbook on the go). The past few sketchbooks have been all about drawing people (lots of girls), bugs, and of course the usual tentacles and monsters. To showcase some of the sketchbook's pages I have chosen a few of my favorite observational drawings I did of people. Lots of these were done on the C-train and mall food court, and all the people are just random folk who happened to sit in my circumference of vision.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

exhale solutions

I completed this painting last week on an old piece of wood. The words "Breathe In Problems, Exhale Solutions" comes from the Aesop Rock song "Bent Life", C-Rayz Walz spits the line though. Walz was referring to the problems of the city, which the cities pollution symbolized. I sort of tried to flip it into a trumpet player dealing with problems by blowing these problems out of their instrument.

I might end up hanging it above my office desk as my own version of a "hang in there, baby" poster. Some more detailed shots of the painting and the song "Bent Life" after the jump.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wall street cyclops revisited

Here's is the original pencil drawing I made for my "Wall Street State of Mind" post.

My finished submission didn't win the sketchaholic contest, but it did get a quick mention and a bit of screen time during the Nate Wragg live interview (Nate Wragg is a Pixar character designer, who designed some of the new characters in Toy Story 3 among other things). Also Austin Madison (animator on Ratatouille, Up) asked if he could post my submission on his blog. Of course I told him I would be honored, a big thanks to him for linking to my blog as well!

Both cool things, and while I realize it's not a huge deal it's enough to give me some more encouragement to keep on drawing. Your song after the jump....

Sunday, July 11, 2010


elefaint in the yellow paint, 11" x 14" on canvas, acrylic and aerosol

A buddy of mine was in town last week and we got in some quality painting. Check out some of his stuff here, he's the one who writes "Asper". Above is one of the pieces I completed, I'm going to make a giant piece of this elephant character in the near future.

And if you liked this purple and yellow color combination then I know you will love another friend's blog, Plello. Make sure to check it out and his line of "Generic" clothing. Plus a big congrats to Plello for recently reaching their 500th post!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

iron hell

Here's a mash up of Iron Man and Hellboy. I did it in about 2 hours this afternoon as it was a half day at work due to Calgary's Stampede Parade. I also just realized I missed the submission deadline for the superhero mash up challenge on sketchaholic, so here is the one I made anyways.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

wall street state of mind

Wall Street State Of Mind, Mixed Media, 2010

Here is my submission for a sketchaholic challenge with the topic "The Wall Street Cyclops". Nate Wragg (lead Character Designer on Toy Story 3,"Ratatouille") picked the subject and will be interviewed on Wednesday.

Like lots of people I often think wall street acts like it needs one more eye in order to be a cyclops. Even so I tried to not make my piece too preachy while still addressing my thoughts about wall street/ US economy as well as a bit of commentary on the housing crisis (that's the wall street brass bull/ piggy bank eating that families house). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and think I may make it into a print with a limited run.

So who do I call to make this the Wall Street Mascot?

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