Sunday, April 29, 2012

the suppliers ep

My friends The Suppliers' play a show this Wednesday at Broken City, so go enjoy some great tunes and pick up their new EP!

I did the cover art seen above, and Robito snapped a photo of the printed product for me (below), sounds even better than it looks. The Facebook event is here, and check out some of their music here.

a couple updates


Got to see a some of my illustrations in a couple cool places lately.

The Genesis the Greykid video has been getting some nice exposure in the blogosphere, but seeing it on 2dopeboyz was a bit of a personal achievement for me, as it's a blog that I have been checking out almost every morning for the past couple of years.

Besides that I was also flipping through Vice Magazine this week, and saw my Sled Island illo in there. Was a nice surprise to see it in a mag I read on the regular.

april fools

This is an illustration running in Beatroute, which was April Fools themed. Posting this a bit late as April is almost gone, but read the article here, you should also be able to find this issue this week I think.

Your song of the day is For A Fool from The Shins new release "Port Of Morrow", which I think is pretty awesome.

Friday, April 27, 2012

you can go home again

Here's an illustration I did for FFWD this week. It accompanies an interesting article about 20 somethings moving back in with their parents which you can read here, or better yet, grab a FFWD off your local newsstand and read it in the Life and Style section.

Your post related song of the day is "The Old Prince Still Lives At Home" by Shad

Monday, April 16, 2012

Here's the April illustration for BeatRoute's monthly sex column "Keepin' It Sleazy" with your regional sexpert EZ-Breezy. Weird Sex Toys was the subject for the month of April, so I figured I would create my own weird sex toy for the illo. It's a tentacle with a multitude of smiling happy faced suction cups, with tongues at the ready. Do you think I need any more info before I make a Kickstarter page for it? (kidding) Check out the article here and learn about a few bizarre items you had no idea existed, or you can always pick up an issue off newsstands.

Your song of the day is La Roux with "Not Your Toy":

gale wind

This is one of the pieces of mine that showed on Friday at the Superstition show. It's based on a childhood memory of mine, which involves a fetus and a chicken in the graveyard, if you are ever curious about it you can come ask me in person. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I created this illustration and ad layout for ShakeOut, a small music fest that gets you geared up for Sled Island (which I also had the pleasure to illustrate for). It's currently running in BeatRoute magazine.

You get to listen to some great live music at all my favorite watering holes; Ship and Anchor, Broken City, Palomino, Tubby Dog, Vicious Circle, and Drum and Monkey. The Wet Secrets, The Get Down, and Dojo Workhorse headline so come drink some beer and enjoy some great tunes this May long.

Listen to Dojo Workhorse below.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

under the covers with david homer

"Vodka & Ayahuasca"

For this month's Under the Covers column I talked to David Homer, co-founder of Debaser Studios in Australia. We talk about the Gangrene cover he illustrated, why they chose the name "Debaser", and what he does when one of their co-workers starts listening to Beyonce.

Read the full interview on the Freq website here.

Your song of the day is Gangrene's "Vodka & Ayahuasca" title track, check out the hectic video below.

genesis the greykid - a thought video

I've been working with the super talented Chike Ozah (music video director for the likes of Kanye West, Erykah Badu, Curren$y, etc.) over at New York's Creative Control on a bit of stuff.

Genesis the Greykid is gearing up to release a new mixtape, and I'm providing a bit of illustration work in correlation with it.

You can see some of these drawings at the beginning of his newest music video "A Thought", really dope song and artist, so make sure to check out for more stuff of his this year.

Friday, April 6, 2012

sled island

I created this illustration for Sled Island, an indie music festival. Pictured below is the process . It is currently running in ads and will be used in other promotion related to the event. Below is a bit of the process that was involved, from sketchbook, to rough, to final, to print (click to enlarge).

The pilot is inspired a bit by a cockatoo's appearance. His apparel is mad maxish/stitched together, and he has over sized headphones on. His plane is inspired by the WWII fighter planes, and I tried to tie that era into it's features as well (like the 40's cartoon eye). Speakers are tied to the back of the vehicle, inspired by the kids in Queens, NY who would jury rig giant speakers on the back of their bikes. Continuing with this idea of adaption, the 45 rpm adapter is a recurring symbol, and the missile is a headphone jack adapter.

Sled Island is an annual music festival that takes place in Calgary, some unreal artists will be playing (I can't wait to see The Antlers and Feist again myself) so make sure to cop your wristbands and come out June 20-23.

Your song of the day below.


Superstition Show

I'm in an art show next Friday the 13th, it's a group exhibit with a theme of Superstition which Limelighter is putting on. I'll be showing 3 pieces I believe. Bonnaventure James will be providing some music.

More info at the Facebook page here.

Your song of the day below, "Lucky You" by The National.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I went to Drink & Draw at Dicken's last night. A few of us drew our own Pokemon and their respective trainer's, mine is above. Make sure to go to this Drink & Draw page to see Fiona's, Ben's, and Steve's Pokemon.

Drink & Draw occurs every Wednesday.