Monday, April 26, 2010

post sans comic sans post

Thanks to everyone who, despite the blizzard, came out to Sans Comic Sans to make it a success. Over 175 people made it out to Untitled Art Society on Saturday night, which is pretty cool. All the artist's pieces were crazy!

Above are some more process shots for my painting as well as some photos from the event, curator Vicki Chau made the Sans Comic Sans image.

Here are my process steps:

1. First I did my drawing it was actually one from my sketchbook I did not originally do specifically for this event, but was one I wanted to expand on so this was the perfect opportunity.

2. I then did a color study on the computer to help me determine more of the direction it would take.

3. Painted in my background, added in some texture.

4. Used a projector to transfer my drawing onto my canvas.

5. Started painting.

6. Final outline and touch ups.


  1. It was a really good turnout, way to jump on that opportunity for some great exposure. I hear you're in a top secret sketch club, how did you get in?

  2. painting came out looking good, catch you next time i'm in town man!


  3. sock, uhh, I mean SICK. You are a hero in my eyes.