Friday, September 2, 2011

& ampersand 3

Sam and I collaborated once again for the &ampersand Show (not the above image that's just the promo poster). The exhibt runs from September 6-10, and there will be a closing reception, so come on out and take in all the collaborative works.

Vicky Chau, &ampersand organizer and curator explains the show:

&ampersand is an art exhibition that celebrates collaborations between creatives, where each collaborator brings a different skill, practice and perspective. Collaborations are a unique experience where inspiration, motivation, and new perspectives can influence the works created. The beauty of each work comes from how new ideas emerge, as part of the collaborations, where it would not have happened alone. It is never a perfect process. As you work off each other, you start discovering your own strengths and weaknesses. Either working harmoniously or clashing ideas, by the end of it, you never know how it’s going to turn out. There are over 15 collaborative works and over 35 artists and designers involved in the show. This is the 3rd year of &ampersand, which has continued to inspire individuals to work together to create something new.

For the full list of artists and more event info check out the Facebook page here.

To see the piece Sam and I exhibited last year click here.

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