Wednesday, February 8, 2012

new comic & february freq magazine

In February's issue of Freq Magazine I contributed the above comic, which may become an ongoing thing. I tried to have it deal with relationships as the February issue of a magazine is also the Valentines issue of a magazine. I was asked to do a comic or illustration for the back so I decided to use that opportunity to try something a bit different for me. I wanted to try my hand at drawing some single panel comics and see if I could do some that are just straight black and white (New Yorker style). And I wanted to work with some gnarly animated characters within the panel, which I am going to try and push further in next month's panel.

It takes up the back inner page of the issue, so go grab one off newsstands or inside select BeatRoute Magazines.

If you pick up an issue of Freq, you can also give my review of the new Moka Only and Evil collaborative project "ZZBRA" a read. Check out one of their tracks below, "Green".

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