Friday, April 6, 2012

sled island

I created this illustration for Sled Island, an indie music festival. Pictured below is the process . It is currently running in ads and will be used in other promotion related to the event. Below is a bit of the process that was involved, from sketchbook, to rough, to final, to print (click to enlarge).

The pilot is inspired a bit by a cockatoo's appearance. His apparel is mad maxish/stitched together, and he has over sized headphones on. His plane is inspired by the WWII fighter planes, and I tried to tie that era into it's features as well (like the 40's cartoon eye). Speakers are tied to the back of the vehicle, inspired by the kids in Queens, NY who would jury rig giant speakers on the back of their bikes. Continuing with this idea of adaption, the 45 rpm adapter is a recurring symbol, and the missile is a headphone jack adapter.

Sled Island is an annual music festival that takes place in Calgary, some unreal artists will be playing (I can't wait to see The Antlers and Feist again myself) so make sure to cop your wristbands and come out June 20-23.

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