Wednesday, January 2, 2013

best of finishing lines in 2012

I blogged a good amount in 2012, over 100 posts! At the end of the year I like to reflect on not what I started, or ideas I had, but things I actually executed, got done, and shipped. Like Mark Zuckerberg says, while he sells off your baby photos to Burger King, "'Done is better than perfect'.....always keep shipping."

Often times as an artist, I think that it is very easy to get discouraged and feel like you're not getting anywhere. Not everything that is seemingly on the horizon pans out, and sometimes potential projects can slip out of your reach. So take a second and think about the progress you did make! The steps you took in the right direction! We all have at least a few accomplishments under our belt this year. For me looking back on my posts of 2012, I was able to work on some pretty cool things this past year. Working with Creative Control and Genesis the Greykid was great, some album artwork, and shirts got made, lots more editorial illustrations, I started my own monthly magazine column, I was a part of Sled Island, I had my first solo show, and I gave a lecture for the first time. Here are 5 of my favorite posts from 2012 that I consider highlights, in no particular order:

- Mother Mother video gets nominated for a Juno

- Arkells video gets nominated for a MUCH music video award

- Look I'm on a billboard downtown

- I direct a music video for Sally Shapiro

- I made a cover for FFWD magazine, with my comic characters

It will be interesting to see what 2013 has in store!

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