Friday, February 8, 2013

fairytale friday installment #3: pinocchio

Another Fairy Tale Friday has arrived! My ongoing series in FFWD Weekly is now in it's third week, and as you can see it is the story of Gepetto and his wooden boy, Pinocchio. Check out the first 2 installments here.

Pinocchio is the hardest word for me to spell, every time I seem to forget there's to "c"s or that there is one "n", it's a really tough name. I suppose that's how people feel when they try to remember that Jarett has only one R and two Ts.

Pinocchio is one of my favorite Disney films, the villain was pretty dynamic I always found, the donkey scene is super messed up (those donkey's don't turn back into boys at the end), and I love the Monstro the whale scene. Originally I was going to focus on Monstro, but as I researched the original story I discovered it was originally a shark and I wanted to keep away from being to heavily influenced by the Disney version. In my research I was also a bit surprised to see that the cricket was actually in the original story (although sans the name Jiminy), but Pinocchio ends up quickly killing him with a hammer he throws.

For this piece I created it with some different dimensions than how it was to be printed in FFWD, as I was happy with the concept I came up with, and thought that a tighter cropping would still translate really well.

Here is the finished piece, and some process shots:

Your post related song of the day is Buck 65's "Pants on Fire". This was the first song that got me into Buck 65 when I was in high school. Oddly enough, despite him being from Halifax, I didn't even hear about him in Canadian publication. I had found an Australian hip hop magazine at Chapters called Stealth (now long defunct, it was the only issue I ever saw), with De La Soul on the cover. In the magazine was a DVD that had some hip hop music video's and hip hop songs from around the world. Thinking about it now that's where I first heard about MF DOOM (Rhymes Like Dimes), and Sage Francis (Makeshift Patriot, so this must have been 2001). Got off topic there! Here is your song!


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