Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new brown sketchbook

I hit up the annual sale at the Mona Lisa art supplies store on 17th ave last weekend. Between the Mona Lisa sale, Comic Expo, Free Comic Book Day, and The Mission Skate Warehouse sale I spent quite a bit of money in April. Hopefully I stockpiled enough stuff to last me a little while.

Among my purchases at Mona Lisa were a few brown paper sketchbooks and a black and white colour erase pencil. Here are my first couple drawings from them as well as me playing with color in photoshop with one of the sketches. I like the look of these drawings once they've been scanned so expect to see a bunch more brown paper sketches. They have a nice warm feeling and some nice natural texture as well.


  1. That's so sweet jerett! I really like them.

  2. I'm a big fan of the chimp. It looks like he's deep in thought, although as we know monkeys don't have thoughts like humans do so your sketch is very misleading. Keep it coming.

  3. i have the same sketchbook! but i don't put it to use as much as you do.

    love the sketches. keep it up!