Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I went to my friend Aaron's cabin to spend part of the long weekend this May long. I had a relaxing time and managed to get some drawing done out there as well.

Here are a couple quick sketches of my friend Tom. The first is of him playing barrel of monkeys, the second is Tom playing cards and has a better likeness to him, being the one done after a bit of warming up. Both of them could use a bit of cleaning up maybe looking at the lines now. This is one of the first life observation drawings I have done in my brown sketchbook, though I have been drawing people a whole bunch in my large white sketchbook, as well as my smaller more inconspicuous white sketchbook. I think since December I have been drawing people from life regularly, whether it be sketch club at lunch, or on the C-Train riding to and from work. I have been meaning to upload some of those sketches as well, but for now here is Thomas. Perhaps this will be the first in a series of friend sketches....

1 comment:

  1. Good likeness in the second one for sure. I think his arm looks a little short due to foreshortening. If you make his elbow bigger as it comes toward you it would lengthen it nicely. great face profile.