Tuesday, June 29, 2010

little 'zilla

This is my take on Godzilla which I drew with my sharpie. I then added in some colors digitally, as well as some other touch ups. I created him for one of the contests/challenges being held at Sketchaholic. These contests are a great way to keep you actively drawing and creating art while at the same time providing you with a deadline and subject matter, both of which help to develop your skills as an artist.

Derek Thompson ("Wall-E", "John Carter of Mars", "Cars 2") picked the Godzilla theme and will be interviewed tomorrow afternoon, which will be streaming live on Sketchaholic. My buddy Sam made a really bad ass Godzilla as well, that you should make sure to check out here (and if you still haven't made your way over to Sam's blog act like you need to know).

Drawing Godzilla also had me remembering the "Take Me to Your Leader" album that MF DOOM released under the Godzilla monster alias "King Geedorah" (he's the three headed one, and one of the last monsters you would ever want to mess with). I wonder if he'll ever revisit the monster theme. Also does anybody remember The Monsta Island Czars?

"The Final Hour" video from King Geedorah and "featuring" MF DOOM below ("APB the 3 headed with the fancy crown/ Last seen headed towards a city in shanty town")

King Geedorah feat. MF DOOM - The Final Hour


  1. Sweet!!! great use of contour man! and his expression is so hilarious totally makes the piece. The only thing i could suggest is maybe thin out the very bottom line on his tail it holds a tiny bit too much visual weight to me. Good looks man I hope u win!!

  2. Num num num I love cardboard/brown paper. I like that the color is transparent enough to let the texture show through