Friday, June 17, 2011

andy narwhal and clockhead and more!

Andy Narwhal and Clockhead; The Great Pirate Escape ink and digital

Well the day of the Calgary Expo has finally arrived, I'm looking forward to meeting some cool people, and seeing some terrific artwork. I will also have my eyes peeled for a Dr. Zoidberg figurine. Make sure you come to the expo this weekend and if you want to find me and Sam come to charming booth number 708. Likewise if you want to avoid seeing me and Sam avoid booth number 708 or look out for this massive sign....

...and then pan your eye downwards as I will be directly under it.
I will try to tweet a bit during the expo so follow me @JarettSitter.

Two more prints that will be for sale are below, both have appeared on this blog before but have been each slightly touched up for print.

And your song of the day is "Dreams", wish Sam and I luck!

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