Monday, June 20, 2011

post expo post 2011

This is the illustration of mine that was chosen to be printed in the expo "Dreams and Wishes" artbook this year.

Had a full weekend at the Calgary Entertainment Expo booth with Sam this past weekend! We both had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people, and were each exhausted by the end.

This was each of our first year with a booth at the expo as well as the first time offering up a large body of our personal artwork up for sale. I had set the personal goal of selling 10 prints a day, and without getting into exact numbers I was able to sell more than 30 prints on just Saturday alone. It felt tremendous to see how much expo goers were feeling my art, the artists that go to these events are tremendously talented, and for someone to choose a piece of mine to hang on their wall is the ultimate compliment. It's a great feeling when someone is standing at your booth for ten minutes struggling to decide which print to get and ends up walking away with multiple, or when a dad who bought a print rushes back for another because his family couldn't stop talking about it. One girl said she saw a print of mine on Saturday, and spent most of Sunday trying to find me again so that she could buy it.

I was able to learn a lot this year, and can't wait to be involved with the expo again in the future. Big, big thanks to everyone who came out and supported me at the expo or just had kind words to say, you help finance this art habit of mine. Also huge thanks to all the other artists who took the time out of incredibly busy days to say "What's up?" and look at my art. I wish I had had more time to talk to more artists for sure.

Below is a pic of me at the booth, with my sisters visiting their big brother. More pics to come! Your song of Day is at the bottom with the great summer tune "Heaven's on Fire" by The Radio Dept.

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