Monday, September 26, 2011

arctic monkeys poster

Arctic Monkeys poster

Last week I created the above poster for the Grammy winning British alt-rock band, Arctic Monkeys. It was for their Winnipeg date during their 2011 Canadian Tour, but they also sold the poster at the Saskatoon and Calgary shows as well. I got hooked up with a ticket for the Calgary show on Thursday, and it was awesome! Bothe Arctic Monkeys, and opening act The Smith Westerns put on a great show.


The orange color way drying on the racks after receiving their final silk screen pass at Burnt Toast Studio

My poster had a run of 150. 100 in the blue color way and 50 in the orange color way were printed. The band got some and I got a few as well. It was great to see how quickly it sold, even at the non-Winnipeg dates. There are a few that were held on to to sell at Heritage Posters and Music on 14th street as well if you're interested. Each one is individually signed and numbered. Alden Alfon and Kenzie Housego each made a poster as well, for the Calgary and Saskatoon dates respectively, that should also have a couple left at Heritage Posters and Music. Alden and Kenzie both did a wicked job of silk screening all of the posters as well!

Me, frantically trying to get all the poster signed at the Arctic Monkeys show

Behind the poster booth at Mac Hall

Watch the Arctic Monkeys' perform Florescent Adolescence below. Very cool at 2:00 when they switch in to a cover of Patsy Cline's "Strange" (Besides "She's Got You", "Strange" is probably my favorite song of hers.)


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  2. Sweet posters dude, I think they look super sharp in orange. Why can't you make posters for good bands now?


  3. Any chance there are any kicking around for sale?
    I met my fiancee at the concert in Calgary and would love to find a copy of the sock monkey

  4. If you're in Calgary - Heritage Music (11 ave & 14 st SW) had three or so last time I visited about a month ago, although I believe the only poster with the Calgary date came with the other two.

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  6. Any chance that you have any copies of the posters from the Saskatoon concert that you'd be willing to sell?