Thursday, May 31, 2012

new logo x site updates

Above is a new logo that I made (which is basically a revamp of the old one).

It originally was much more complex (see below) but my friend Adrian suggested I simplify it to the most interesting part (the head). I will still be utilizing the more complex version in a patch, shirt design, or business card in the near future I'm sure.

 I have updated my site with the new logo, and besides that there is a new and improved comic section that allows you to flip through panels of "Still Here" without leaving the site, so give them a read here (a new "Still Here" to come soon I promise).

Although there are still some design and functionality issues I need to iron out, there are other updates to the site as well.

Take a look at

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  1. Loving the new shadowbox setup for 'Still Here', looks and works great!