Monday, October 15, 2012

kristina baumgartner interview

Last month I interviewed Kristina Baumgartner for my Under the Covers column in Freq.
Kristina created the wonderful album cover for Purity Ring's debut album "Shrines". You can read the interview on the Freq site here, if you missed getting a copy.
The above picture of Kristina was taken from her tumblr page which you can follow here, and take a look at more of her artwork there as well.

On a side note I was fortunate enough to see Purity Ring last month at Republik, and there show was incredible. If you get the chance to see them definitely go check it out. It was also a pleasure meeting them and Kristina at the show as well.

Watch the Purity Ring music video for "Belispeak" below.


  1. Kristina said I looked like an older version of Corin.

    Apparently I am old, great news.

  2. You look kind of like his dad.