Friday, March 1, 2013

fairytale friday installment 6: pied piper

Last week I hinted that it would be another music related fairy tale and here it is, the pied piper. The crowd quickly changes from rats to children to display the progression of the story and how the pied piper turns quickly onto the townspeople when they neglect to pay him. I carried the purple from the design elements representing the music through to the children to reflect the control it has over them. I am pretty happy with how the colors turned out in print so make sure to pick up a copy of FFWD to see it in person. As always you can take a look at the other fairy tale illustrations I have posted on my blog here.

Below are some process shots as well as the finished piece.

I got some questions about my process last week. I think I mentioned I use a brush in one of my posts and a couple people asked if I was referring to a Photoshop brush, I was referring to an actual brush for when I do my ink and brush work (likewise I was asked if when I say inking I mean digital inking, but it's old fashioned wet, analog ink in this case haha).

Your song of the day is The Platinum Pied Pipers' "On a Cloud"

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