Friday, March 22, 2013

fairytale friday installment #9: hans my hedgehog

Here is installment 9 of my Fairy Tale series for FFWD. It's a less popular Grimm Fairy Tale entitled Hans My Hegehog. Definitely check it out, the Jim Henson version you can see in his short lived show "The Storyteller" is a great version (one of my favorite series when I was young). This was actually the very first one I made, after receiving an email about the possibility of doing a series I made this one up to pitch the idea of doing a series of Fairy Tale illustrations.

I had posted some of the inked drawings that I made for this one, a while back here.But take a look at more of my process below.

I don't know a lot of bag pipe songs besides this Tom Waits one, so your song of the day is Town With No Cheer, a few days late for St. Paddy's.

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