Monday, August 9, 2010

&ersand 2 finished piece

untitled, mixed media on canvas, 14" X 21", 2010

photos taken by my dad
Alright here it is! After teasing you with last weeks post, here's the real deal. Me and Sam Williams collaborated on this piece for &ampersand 2, which was a great success! Over 200 people came out to check out all the collaborative pieces, so big ups to all that came out and supported us. A thanks as well to Vicki who coordinated the show, and Karma Police who was our DJ for the evening. It was a bunch of fun filled with great music, friends, artists, and tequila shots. Lots of great work and talent was on display for sure. Our work was hung right inside the entrance of the Untitled Art Society Gallery, making it a nice introduction to the show I thought.

When Sam and I first got brainstorming for our submission, I was drawing lots of bugs with pin up girls (more bug posts to come) and Sam was interested in portrait work, so this idea came together fairly easily. Sam created the girl, and I the insects. We tried to make it read as a woman wearing jewelery from further back and as you approached closer it became more apparent that it was a dead girl with bugs crawling on her. We were both happy with the end result, and I look forward to collaborating again in the future. What do you say Sam?

A couple more pics and your song after the jump...

Although there were no dragonflys included in the community of bugs which gathered around the neck of this untitled woman, I think that this song by My Brightest Diamond goes well with the piece.