Wednesday, August 4, 2010


There is a Sketchaholic challenge this week set forth by Dice Tsutsumi. His description via Sketchaholic:
Dice was in charge of color scripts and lighting on Pixar's Toy Story 3! He also worked on "Ice Age", "Robots" and many more.
The topic Dice has picked for people
to draw is "your favorite childhood anime in your own style". I liked a lot of the artistic style seen in anime growing up, but was never able to find it on TV living in a household with only 5 basic channels. Despite a somewhat sheltered life when it comes to anime I am a really big Hayao Miyazaki fan. One of my favorite films of his is Princess Mononoke, which lead me to create my drawing below.

Make sure to check out this movie if you haven't already and let me know how you liked it, you don't need to be big on anime to be a fan of Miyazaki.

Your anime themed song after the jump.

Verbal Anime (feat. Rakaa Iriscience) from the Herbaliser album "Something Wicked This Way Comes", pretty dope album if memory serves me correctly. Herbaliser stays pretty consistent collaborating with great MCs/singers, and of course a bunch of nice instrumentals throughout.

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