Saturday, August 28, 2010

train ride

Here is another drawing of some C-Train folk. Spent the most time on the younger woman on the left. My drawing of her proportions could use some work, or perhaps be further exaggerated. Getting better at observational life drawing while trying to add my own twist on it is an on going task for me.

It can be tricky when someone is shifting around. Can also make it difficult when they're sitting relatively close to not be obviously starring at them, as was the case with the girl who was sitting in the group of seats diagonal to my own. Although a closer subject can also allow you to see more detail to render on your page, so I suppose it is a trade off.....if only everyone on the C-Train was sleeping or reading. I like the very quick, more gestural drawings I made with the other two, each of those were completed in under a minute.

Your train related song after the jump

Big Boi has released possibly the hip hop album of 2010 with Sir Luscious Left Foot, but here's a track were Big Boi shines sans Andre Benjamin from a few years ago. This song is from the Outkast movie Idlewild, which I have yet to see or hear beaming reviews about, but a solid soundtrack/Outkast release for sure.

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