Saturday, July 17, 2010

exhale solutions

I completed this painting last week on an old piece of wood. The words "Breathe In Problems, Exhale Solutions" comes from the Aesop Rock song "Bent Life", C-Rayz Walz spits the line though. Walz was referring to the problems of the city, which the cities pollution symbolized. I sort of tried to flip it into a trumpet player dealing with problems by blowing these problems out of their instrument.

I might end up hanging it above my office desk as my own version of a "hang in there, baby" poster. Some more detailed shots of the painting and the song "Bent Life" after the jump.

C-Rayz Walz (who was recently released from prison) still has not really released the album I know he is capable of. Here's one of my favorite tracks he got on though, off the classic Aesop Rock album, Labor Days.