Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wall street cyclops revisited

Here's is the original pencil drawing I made for my "Wall Street State of Mind" post.

My finished submission didn't win the sketchaholic contest, but it did get a quick mention and a bit of screen time during the Nate Wragg live interview (Nate Wragg is a Pixar character designer, who designed some of the new characters in Toy Story 3 among other things). Also Austin Madison (animator on Ratatouille, Up) asked if he could post my submission on his blog. Of course I told him I would be honored, a big thanks to him for linking to my blog as well!

Both cool things, and while I realize it's not a huge deal it's enough to give me some more encouragement to keep on drawing. Your song after the jump....

I have been listening to this Kid Cudi cover by up and comer Lissie a bunch lately, which I think I like more than the original. Check out the bass player working overtime on the drums!
"People tell me slow your roll......"

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