Sunday, July 11, 2010


elefaint in the yellow paint, 11" x 14" on canvas, acrylic and aerosol

A buddy of mine was in town last week and we got in some quality painting. Check out some of his stuff here, he's the one who writes "Asper". Above is one of the pieces I completed, I'm going to make a giant piece of this elephant character in the near future.

And if you liked this purple and yellow color combination then I know you will love another friend's blog, Plello. Make sure to check it out and his line of "Generic" clothing. Plus a big congrats to Plello for recently reaching their 500th post!

Your post related song after the jump.

This elephant has a funky side, so what's more funky than computerized funkology in the year 3000? Baby Elephant is one of Prince Paul's many past projects. And for the record I'm a big fan of most of what Prince Paul is a part of. Also uncredited in the song/video below is Roc Raida, so a RIP goes out to him.

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  1. HAHAHA that elephant is awesome his expression came out so hilarious man love it